Thursday 23 September – Sunday 3 October 2021

Bambadino, Life Love and Bellies

Ready to jump into the full spectrum of emotion? This show will make you both laugh and cry! Bambadino stretches from deep heavy feelings to light-hearted silliness. Switching between sombre and humour with grace and warmth, Bambadino brings the whole room along with her.

Bambadino will be performing a series of songs from her most recent EP series, written over six months of sabbatical in Ntaria, NT, produced with Sing Hum Records in Mparntwe.

These songs range from soulful ballads to soaring cello from the award-winning local musician Xavia, to upbeat tunes about breakfast and forgiveness. Bambadino features other local artists, such as Edward Francis on the saxophone to complement her words about hope on the face of despair.



Friday 1 October 2021
Totem Courtyard