Join SezzaJai for a fun and engaging experience to playfully inhabit the Hive. After a short introduction about keys roles in the hive and how they interact, participants are invited to take on these roles to experience the joys and environmental pressures of being a thriving hive. The hive is tasked with foraging and collecting ‘nectar’, navigating back to the hive, communicating the sources of food through ‘waggle’ dance, tending to the queen, interacting with drones and defending the hive.The session ends with a facilitated de-brief to draw out insights, experiences and awareness of what it is like to be part of a highly functioning collective. Feedback often includes awe at the subtlety of inter-connected webs, delight and closeness with others and pleasure in completing their own tasks with so much hive support.

No knowledge of bee keeping or bees is required to attend this theatre workshop – it is an immersive experience to gain an insects perspective in the world. This is a noisy, chaotic, cohesive, somatic discussion that can inform our own earth practices.


Date: Friday 2nd October 2020
Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm
Tickets: $10.00. Limited spots available.
Age: This event is suitable for kids. It is a family-friendly event, all ages welcome.