Thursday 23 September – Sunday 3 October 2021

We’ll Dance on the Ash of the Apocalypse

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This evocative play follows the story of a young couple living in a world ravaged by climate change. They are faced with a terrifying prospect, an unplanned pregnancy.

Together they must decide whether they can bring a defenceless child into a seemingly hopeless world. This story weaves between present and past, aiming to fuel the ongoing discussion on global warming through love of humanity, hope against odds and passion for timely action to create the future we desire.

Written by Alice Springs-born Melissa-Kelly Franklin, this piece has been described as ‘original and moving’ and ‘an outstanding piece of theatre’ by its original Bathway Theatre audience in London.

Directed by Julia Billington and performed by Jac Marriott and Dan Milne.

Saturday 2 October 2021
67 Bath Street