A fleeting utopia, a glimpse into possible futures for Central Australia. 18 August – 7 September.

The Team


Artistic Director | Ben Fox
General Manager | Cy Starkman
Program Manager | Emi Day
Communications Manager | Emma Poletti
Mermaids’ Picnic | Steph Harrison
Parade Manager | Kate Christianson
Business Development Manager | Charmaine Kik
Production Manager | Matt Woodham
Site Manager | Annie Pfeiffer
Decor Manager | James Reynolds
Box Office Manager | Anneke Rose
Food and Beverage | Caisley Sinclair
Volunteers Manager | Peter Raftos
Administration | Kitty Taylor
Finance | Alice DeBrenni


Jason Quin (Chair)
Marcus KuchenBuch
David Nixon
Jonny Rowden
Damien Ryan
Dr. Craig San Roque
Jen Standish White